Academic Programs

Each WITS student, together with her academic advisor, chooses the focus and pace of her studies based on her field of interest, academic goals and professional aspirations. This results in a personalized degree program designed just for her.

WITS offers a diverse selection of high-level lemudei kodesh courses for credit that fulfill the Jewish studies requirement of the degree. WITS' broad selection of rigorous academic secular studies courses prepare students for graduate school and the professional world.

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Degree Programs
Courses / Pre-Reqs
Specialty Programs

WITS offers an internationally-recognized degree in conjunction with Gratz College, a Middle States regionally accredited institution. As part of the degree program, students take prerequisite and professional coursework for their field of choice. All the Jewish studies courses taken at WITS count towards the degree as well.

WITS is dedicated to empowering our students to accomplish their academic and career goals. We offer a broad spectrum of coursework geared to fulfilling prerequisite requirements for graduate school, career programs, and entrance to the chosen field. 


WITS has several specialty programs available to students and the broader community. These programs are constantly growing and provide students with a fast track leading to high-demand careers.

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Israel Study Abroad Program

Earn college credits while studying in a seminary in Israel. 

Seminary & College Program

Earn an undergraduate degree and maintain your spiritual standards at WITS.   

Degree Completion Program

Transfer your college credits and complete your degree at WITS. 

BS in Jewish Education

Prepare students to become established, professional educators across the Jewish educational spectrum

BA in Computer Science

Prepare for positions as computer science professionals in business, industry, or government, as well as for graduate study in computer science.

BA in Jewish Studies

Prepare students to become successful, Jewishly informed professionals.

Meet Our Faculty

The Jewish Studies faculty at WITS is comprised of Baltimore’s finest and most respected Rabbonim and Mechanchos. The General Studies faculty includes outstanding educators who are experts in their fields, bringing real-world experience to the classroom.

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