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Ayelet (Filreis) Ribakow ‘15 – Rochester, NY

Teacher, Community Builder

Ayelet is a star teacher and community builder in Rochester, New York! Using her master’s in educational psychology, she teaches across different grade levels bringing her enthusiasm for Torah and education to so many girls in Rochester. Aside from teaching, Ayelet is also the middle school activities coordinator where she brings together women in the community to help develop exciting programs for the girls. Ayelet takes her role extremely seriously. She is very involved with the girls, running their chesed program and being there for them when they need a boost. Her goal is to make Yiddishkeit geshmak, fill them up with good things, and help them connect to each other and Hashem in a meaningful way. She and her husband also host Shabbos meals and onegs for the boys in the community. “In a smaller community like Rochester, teachers and Rabbeim are real role models. It’s a pressure and a zechus that pushes me to be my best. It’s a beautiful community and it’s so nice to be here and make a difference”.

“WITS/Maalot gave me the priceless opportunity to continue my Kodesh education while pursuing my degree. I specifically loved Mrs. Neuberger’s Michtav Me’eliyahu class which completely reframed the way I learn mefarshim and how I now prepare to teach my own classes. I find myself going back to my notes from both the kodesh classes and the college courses. There were so many concepts and ideas that I now use in my own classroom, thank you!”

Ayelet (Filreis) Ribakow ‘15 – Rochester, NY
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