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Chaya Devora Senft ’07 - Queens, NY

Jewish Studies Coordinator

Chaya Devorah is a true role model and inspiration to everyone that knows her. After graduating WITS/Maalot, she began working in Moriah, a modern day school in New Jersey. Currently teaching Limudei Kodesh full time and working with the Jewish Studies curriculum to coordinate programs for the students, Chaya Devora says she got her inspiration to work in chinuch from her time at WITS/Maalot. The faculty at Moriah is very diverse but in March 2021, when Chaya Devora was diagnosed with cancer, everyone united in supporting her through her illness. Chaya Devora has that effect on others, with her inner beauty and light, she is a constant Kiddush Hashem to those around her. The students and faculty all have a tremendous love and respect for her.

Despite numerous surgeries, Chaya Devora’s teaching is extremely meaningful to her, and she continues to teach, impacting the lives of her students every day. In turn,the families at Moriah have been a tremendous support to her, visiting her in the hospital, running mitzvah-athons and saying Tehillim on her behalf.Recently she had a big surgery and her students rallied together, organizing a challah bake for over 200 people, then donating the proceeds to BoneiOlam. They also ran a campaign which raised over $5,000 for Chesed 24/7. Their slogan was “I did it for MCD” (for Morah Chaya Devorah). This story illustrates the impact one individual can have on her community, spreading light and bringing KlalYisroel together. May it be a zechus for Chaya Devorah, and may she have a RefuahShelaima. Please daven for Chaya Devorah bas Sarah Shprintzah.

“My years at WITS/Maalot not only provided me with a wealth of Torah knowledge, across all areas of Tanach, Halacha and Hashkafa, the classes also engendered within me a desire and passion to continue to learn and spread Torah lessons and values. Additionally, my time at WITS/Maalot gave me the opportunity to create lasting friendships, which continue to enrich my life and have contributed to making me the person that I am today.”

Chaya Devora Senft ’07  - Queens, NY
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