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Hadassah (Norman) Kaztow ’12 - Lakewood, NJ

Founder of "Change your Mind, Change your Life"

Hadassah is a dynamic and passionate LSW who created a program called "Change your Mind, Change your Life." Based in Lakewood but with a much broader reach, she helps frum women connect with themselves and Hashem in a profound and meaningful way. Hadassah runs workshops and shares weekly nuggets of inspiration via her WhatsApp group and Zoom classes. Hadassah is a source of support and inspiration for many people and is definitely "spreading the light" in her community and beyond!

About Hadassah’s work:
As someone who always thirsted to help others, I chose to embark on the path of social work. As my desire to help others increased, I was led to the journey of awareness of self that we call Consciousness, termed in Torah as Daas. With this newfound knowledge, I realized I was able to help others on a much greater scale, so I created a program called "Change your Mind, Change your Life".

My course focuses on bridging chassidus, neuroscience and quantum physics to show how everyone is capable of healing no matter how weary the situation may seem. The first place to create real and lasting change is through the opening, expanding and changing of our mind. I believe the answers to our problems really lie in connecting to the true essence of who we are, and that means throwing judgment and labels out the window. In fact, chassidus teaches us that where there is most darkness there is most light (hence the story of Chanuka). Understanding these concepts becomes a game changer in accessing your potential and bringing out the greatness in those around you. When we connect to our true inner light, the darkness of our life starts to ebb away.

“My time at WITS/Maalot taught me how to think for myself and truly connect to my neshama. It gave me the foundation I needed to want to change lives and bring Klal Yisroel and the world to a better and wholesome place as we all try to connect to our greatest self and ultimately Hashem!”

For more information visit Hadassah online at
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Hadassah (Norman) Kaztow ’12 - Lakewood, NJ
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