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Racheli (Rappaport) Nussbaum ‘21 - Ramat Eshkol, Israel

Sensory Room Designer and Advisor

Racheli really embodies the mission of WITS / מכון אור יהודית which is to allow frum women to have successful careers in a Torah environment. Currently living in Remat Eshkol, Racheli’s husband, Isaac, is learning in the Mir Yeshiva and Racheli is working as a Sensory Room Designer and Advisor for Fun & Function. Fun & Function is a Philly based Jewish owned company that provides sensory equipment and support for children, many with special needs such as autism and/or ADHD. Working with schools, special ed directors, therapists, and psychologists, Racheli uses her bachelor's in Psychology from WITS and the knowledge she learned about development and disorders to create calming, soothing environments for these children.
“I love the creativity in my job, working with different people, addressing problems and finding solutions, but most importantly it’s very meaningful helping families and children get the support they need!"

“My time at WITS jump started me into the real world. The support from the advisors, my WITS internship, and the incredible classes, all helped set me up for success!”

Racheli (Rappaport) Nussbaum ‘21 - Ramat Eshkol, Israel
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