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Rivka Heisler '13

Regional Director of Internal Marketing

Rivka works for Autumn Lake Healthcare as the Regional Director of Internal Marketing. Prior to her promotion to this position, she worked at King David Rehab, an Autumn Lake facility, as Hospital Liaison. There she made herself available to advocate for patients, and would often stop in to a patient's room to visit, and to see what was needed. She freely gave out her personal cell phone number to members of our community so they could call her if they needed anything or to voice a concern. Rivka's easy, cheerful and friendly demeanor helped put patients and families at ease. Rivka is so full of light and laughter and brightens the days of the ill/injured in our community.

“What I love most about my position is taking care of people who are in very vulnerable positions and can’t take care of themselves. Patients come here after a stroke, knee replacement or surgery, and they are forced to rely on others for their basic needs. I feel a sense of honor to work alongside them. In my internal marketing work, I try to create a culture of appreciation among the staff so our employees will be more dedicated to the patients and their mission.”

“WITS/Maalot gave me a foundation to meet all the right people. Working in the office for a few years afterwards, I was able to see what goes on behind the scenes, all the effort, hard work and love.”

Rivka Heisler '13
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