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Sarah (Prero) Stern '16

Registered Nurse

Ever since Sarah has become a nurse, she has not stopped giving and trying to help those in need. When Covid was at its peak, she continued her work in Sinai Hospital, putting herself out there, while 9 months pregnant, and caring with love and compassion for her patients. When community members were in the hospital and relatives were not able to visit, Sarah took it upon herself to bring them care packages and speak to the providers to ensure the patients were receiving the best care possible. She recently moved to Flatbush with her husband and three children, where her husband attends medical school. There she continues to serve her community, working for a company called MABS at Home, where she puts herself at risk by visiting the homes of patients with Covid to administer monoclonal antibodies, ensuring that the patients have the best outcome possible!

“I am thankful to WITS/Maalot for allowing me to get my career started so quickly. I was able to finish my master’s at just 22 years old!”

Sarah (Prero) Stern '16
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