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Shani (Gewirtz) Slater '17

Registered Behavior Technician

Shani has been working as a Registered Behavior Technician for over five years. She works in ABA therapy with special needs children and creates a beautiful atmosphere for them. She constantly showers light over her clients and is a positive and fun person to be around. She cares a tremendous amount for the children and wants to better their quality of life so they can succeed. “The highlight of my job is watching kids thrive in their natural environment and seeing the effects of the therapy they’ve been given,” says Shani. She is currently working at Blue Balloon ABA, servicing the Baltimore community.

“WITS/Maalot is the facilitating component that helped me get to where I am today. They gave me the opportunity to intern in my field of interest and worked with me to become knowledgeable about a field that at the time wasn’t very well known. I am forever grateful.”

Shani (Gewirtz) Slater '17
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