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Shifra (Klarich) Spector '16

Community Builder

In 2018, Shifra moved to Portland, OR with her husband Max to spread the light of Torah. They are extremely involved in the community, taking part in fundraising opportunities, serving on boards and committees for the kollel, NCSY, the community Shul, and local day school. Shifra gives of herself by learning one-on-one with newly observant women, teaching them Hebrew and tefilla, and giving shiurim. Even during Covid, Shifra continued to teach Torah over Zoom to the women who were thirsting to learn. Additionally, Shifra opens her heart and home for frequent Shabbos guests, inspiring others and "spreading the light" across Portland.

“The hashkafos and the confidence I received from Mrs. Rosenbaum’s Eshes Chayil class made a huge impact on my life, and still guide me until this day. Mrs. Rosenbaum taught us to find our gifts and tools as individuals and seek ways to channel them and inspire those around us. She taught me how to personally serve Hashem but also expand myself for others and I am forever grateful to WITS/Maalot for that.”

Shifra (Klarich) Spector '16
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