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Shoshana Lieder ‘21 - Baltimore, MD

Speech-Language Pathology Intern and Music Teacher

Wherever she goes, Shoshana is a beacon of bright light. Whether it's playing music for the kindergarten classes at Bais Yaakov, being a friend to children with special needs, or in her work as a intern speech therapist, Shoshana brightens any place she walks into with her spunky personality and Ahavas Yisroel.
Her dream is to work one day work as a speech therapist for kids with disabilities as well as be an advocate within the frum community. She volunteered at Menucha for years and with the students in the 12G Shemesh class at Bais Yaakov, bringing music and fun to the classroom.

Shoshana is currently still in graduate school, hoping to graduate Be’ezras Hashem in 2023. Aside from school, she has worked as an intern in Baltimore County Public Schools and will be working as an intern at SCALE, where she will be running support groups for stroke victims and adults with aphasia.

“I came into graduate school just as prepared as my four-year undergraduate classmates, if not more. My professors are constantly impressed with WITS’ work ethic. At WITS, we all learned how to handle a heavy workload and balance a full life. It really prepared me and my classmates for what lay ahead, thank you!”

Shoshana Lieder ‘21 - Baltimore, MD
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