Sorah Taragin '20

JEWELS, Community Volunteer

Sorah is an assistant teacher at JEWELS, as well as an inclusion facilitator, taking students to mainstream schools and helping them integrate in the classroom. During the past few summers, Sorah worked for SCHI, a Lakewood camp for lower functioning children and adults, as a counselor and Division Head. She showered the campers with a tremendous amount of love and care, giving them a great summer and their families a much-needed break.

Additionally, Sorah volunteers by taking part in the event planning and coordination for Menucha and delivering food to hospitalized patients for Bikur Cholim. Recently, together with a few friends, she ran a campaign called Yud for Yoshi, facilitating close to 6,000 mishnayos learned in memory of Yoshi Balaban a’h.

Sorah is currently studying for her Master’s in Special Education to further her education so she can continue to help others.

“It’s the small things, in the small amounts of time, that create a big impact. Giving an hour of your time, or taking a step to improve in an area that is difficult for you, are small acts that can really change who you are. It is not about what others can, or are doing, but about discovering how you can make a difference. The effort you put forth will not only build you, but also will certainly bring light to those around you.

“WITS/Maalot in general provides a solid foundation. I was able to make strong connections with teachers and fellow students and maintain them. When I have questions concerning my Master’s program, workplaces, or academic decisions, I can always reach out and receive guidance. The learning is so real and applicable! WITS/Maalot showed me what it looks like to be a professional while maintaining my strong values.”

Sorah Taragin '20