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Tzirel (Cook) Rutstein ‘06 - Indianapolis, IN

Social Worker and Community Builder

Tzirel, together with her husband Yaakov and their family, have been living in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the past seven years. They are beloved, active community members and positive lights in the Jewish community. Tzirel runs Bnos groups on Shabbos for older girls called "Parsha and Pastries" as well as a book club for women of all ages. She is on the shul board and is an active member of the sisterhood. Tzirel is also a professional photographer, following in the footsteps of her mother Mrs. Esky Cook, and loves taking photos at community events as well as school portraits.

Tzirel received her bachelors from WITS/Maalot and attended Widner University for her masters in social work. She has practiced as a social worker in New York, Calgary, and now in Indianapolis, servicing multiple public schools in the area.

“I loved my time at WITS/Maalot, particularly my classes with Rabbi Hauer, Rabbi Goldberger, and Rebbetzin Rosenbaum. For me, having community leaders and role models as teachers made a real impact on my life. A classmate even set me up with my husband. So much of my life was impacted by WITS/Maalot! I am so grateful for all that came from my year at WITS/Maalot!"

Tzirel (Cook) Rutstein ‘06 - Indianapolis, IN
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