Student Code of Conduct

WITS is committed to the creation and maintenance of a learning environment that fosters the intellectual, personal, social, and ethical development of students. In addition to meeting academic challenges, students are expected to develop maturity, self-sufficiency, responsibility, and respect for others.


Enrollment at WITS is construed as acceptance of the policies of the institution and agreement of a student to abide by high standards of personal conduct, which include the following:


  • Model Orthodox Jewish Values and Culture – Students are expected to demonstrate derech eretz (respect) for the Orthodox faith and teachings through behavior, interactions, dialogue, and dress.


  • Respect Others – Students are expected to treat others with courtesy, respect, and dignity, and exhibit tolerance and openness for diverse opinions and perspectives.


  • Model Academic Honesty – Students are expected to fulfill their academic obligations through honest and independent effort.


  • Refrain from Disruptive Behavior – Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner than ensures an environment conducive to learning and collaboration and which does not infringe on the rights of others.


  • Maintain Safety and Well-being of Self and Others – Students are expected to refrain from behavior that intentionally or recklessly endangers, threatens, or causes physical or emotional harm to any person.


  • Avoid Possession of Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Substances, and Weapons – Students are expected to adhere to policies and laws that prohibit the possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, and weapons.


  • Respect Institutional Property – Students are expected to demonstrate respect for institutional property and use institutional technology in an appropriate and ethical manner.


  • Comply with Local, State, or Federal Laws, or Other Rules and Policies – Students are expected to comply with all institutional rules, regulations, and policies, as well as local, state, or federal law or rule.


The Student Code of Conduct applies to conduct and behavior that occurs on campus premises, as well as conduct and behavior that occurs in the following contexts:


  • Via electronic means, including within online classes, via phone/texting, and on social media;

  • At designated learning sites, including internships, clinical placements, and field trips;

  • At WITS-sponsored events, such as community service trips; and/or

  • While utilizing institutional computing or network services.

WITS reserves the right to take any necessary and appropriate steps to protect the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff. Any member of the WITS community may submit a report regarding inappropriate or concerning student behavior following the Student Grievance Policy and Procedure outlined within this Student Handbook. Any student found to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary sanctions.

Disciplinary Consequences

Serious violations of misconduct or patterns of behavior contradictory to the Student Code of Conduct and institutional mission will be submitted to the Conduct Board for review.The Conduct Board is comprised of four individuals (two members of the Senior Leadership Team and two faculty). The Conduct Board is charged with addressing matters of student misconduct and determining disciplinary action, where warranted. In determining any disciplinary action,the Conduct Board may consider actions up to and including expulsion.

Due Process


Students have the right of due process and may appeal a decision of the Conduct Board. To appeal a decision, a student must submit a written request to the Executive Dean for an appeal hearing with the Conduct Board. The request must be submitted within seven business days of receipt of the decision letter. The Executive Dean will schedule the appeal hearing within seven business days after receiving the written request. The appeal hearing will be held with the Executive Dean, the Ombudsman, and the student. Any decision stemming from the appeal hearing will be final.

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