Computer/Technology Usage

Computer Resources


Computers and printers are provided for student use in the student lounge, library, and computer lab (Room 209). Computers and printers are intended to be used for preparing assignments, conducting Internet research, and using email.Use of the computer lab is restricted to when labs are not in use by classes.


All computers are monitored and installed with ‘Kosher Blocks’ (Internet filters). It is expected that the computers and printers will be used in a responsible and productive manner and in accordance with the following guidelines:


  • No food or drinks are allowed near computer stations.

  • Students must not remove or disconnect computer equipment and/or parts.

  • All student files will be deleted at the end of each semester.

  • Students may use personal flash drives and/or CDs on the computers.

  • Care must be taken to not infect the computers with viruses.


Students should inform the Office of Administrative Affairs of any computer malfunctions.


In using all computer, students must also abide by the Technology Acceptable Usage Policy.


Technology Acceptable Usage Policy


WITS provides students, faculty, and staff with technological resources for the purposes of teaching, research, educational, and administrative support. Access to such resources, including computers, software, printers, email, and network access, is considered a privilege and the responsibility for proper and ethical use lies with individual users.


Upon accessing or using any WITS-owned technological resource, an individual agrees to comply with the following acceptable use guidelines:


  • WITS-owned computers or personally-owned computers connected to the WITS network may not be used to violate others’ right to privacy. WITS specifically prohibits reading or attempting to read another person’s email, accessing another person’s files, accessing electronic records containing information concerning another person, using another person’s email account, and using another person’s password.


  • Users of WITS-owned computers may not participate in technology-based unethical or illegal activities, including, but not limited to, the following:



  • WITS-owned computers may not be used to store personal files, videos, music, software, documents, or photographs.


  • Users may not interfere with or alter the integrity of WITS-owned equipment or software.


  • Users must adhere to any WITS-acquired licensing agreements and avoid illegal duplication of any WITS-owned software.


  • Users are expected to observe basic technology courtesies, including, but not limited to, refraining from excessive use of paper, refraining from using WITS-owned computers for personal monetary gain, and being considerate and fair in use of all resources.


  • All WITS-assigned email accounts are the property of WITS.Email is intended to be used in a manner consistent with the standards of academic integrity and ethical business conduct. WITS reserves the right to assign, monitor, and revoke email privileges at any time.


The guidelines prescribed in this policy are not intended to be all-inclusive. Any behavior that is considered an unethical use of technological resources or deemed contrary to the institutional mission will be subject to disciplinary action and financial reimbursement of any damages. Any information or observations regarding the misuse of WITS-owned technological resources should be immediately reported to the Executive Dean.

  • Privacy violation;

  • Copyright violation;

  • Harassment or intimidation;

  • Fraud or misrepresentation;

  • Theft, including theft of data;

  • Creation, possession, distribution, or accessing of provocative or offensive material; and

  • Creation or dissemination of electronic content or communication that promotes hate, violence, or defames/demeans on the basis of age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by law.

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