Staff Directory

Rebbetzin Ettie Rosenbaum

Menaheles/Executive Dean, Tanach

Leslie G. Klein, PhD

Academic Dean, History, Communication

410-358-3144 (ext 14)

Ms. Lesley Austen
Executive Assistant to Academic Dean


Mrs. Mimi Biegacz
Director of Academic Advisement
410-358-3144 (ext 12)

Sarah Brody

Director of Marketing & Development
410-358-3144 (ext 18)


Mrs. Laura Ann Glazer

Office Administrator

410-358-3144 (ext 16)

Mrs. Yocheved Lapidus

Academic Advisory

410-358-3144 (ext 11)

Mrs. Elaine Mael


Dr. Ellyn Mclaughlin

Chief Officer of Operations

and Compliance

Mrs. Sima Oratz


410-358-3144 (ext 19)

Mrs. Tova Rappaport

Director of Financial Aid

410-358-3144 (ext 35)

Mrs. Cindy Ring

Registrar and Academic Advisor

410-358-3144 (ext 15)


​Mrs. Aliza Sklare

Chief Financial Officer


Mrs. Malky Weill

​Student Services Coordinator

410-358-3144 (ext 13)

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