Degree Completion Program

Your Degree – Your Way

The WITS Degree Completion Program is an excellent way to earn a Bachelor’s degree and complete graduate school prerequisites. The program offers academically-challenging courses in a Torah environment. The courses and the degree are recognized and respected by graduate programs.

The WITS Degree Completion Program is recommended for:

  • Women who have completed two years of seminary post-high school 

  • Women who graduated high school more than four years ago

Women do NOT need to have previously attended seminary to apply.

Program Details

Degree Completion students may register for up to 24 secular studies credits per semester. Students in good academic standing who wish to take more than 24 credits may request permission to take additional credits from the Academic Dean.

A limited number of Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) courses are open to Degree Completion students.

In addition to general education requirements, WITS offers prerequisite courses for a wide variety of fields, including: health sciences (OT, PT, PA, nursing), psychology, education, speech-language pathology, accounting & business, law, medicine, social work, computer science, and graphic design. Courses are offered in fall, spring and summer sessions.

Individual Attention

Each WITS student receives individual attention. The Rabbis and Mechanchos are accessible to every student, providing hashkafic and halachic guidance. The general studies faculty provides valuable professional guidance and advice. An Academic Advisor, assigned to each student, meets with her student several times over the course of the year and beyond, to customize a program of study to meet the student’s academic and professional goals.