Misrepresentation Policy

WITS pledges that the institution does not provide false, erroneous, or misleading statements concerning the institution or nature of programs and services, including types of courses offered; nature and extent of accreditation; transfer credit policy; whether successful completion of a course qualifies a student for acceptance into a labor union or to receive a local, state, or federal license, or a nongovernmental certification required as a prerequisite for employment, or to perform certain functions in the conditions that the institution recognizes are generally necessary to secure employment in a recognized occupation for which the program is represented to prepare students; requirements for completing a course of study or program; conditions that would constitute grounds for termination of student enrollment; whether courses are endorsed by governmental officials or others; size, location, facilities, or equipment of the facility; availability of courses; number, accessibility, and qualifications of the faculty or other personnel; nature of prerequisites for enrollment in any course; any facts related to the degree, diploma, or certification that a student may be awarded at the end of a course of study; and whether a degree that the institution provides is authorized by the appropriate state educational agency.

WITS assures that information regarding the nature of financial charges that is provided to students is correct. This includes information, such as offers of scholarships for courses; cost of a 8program; refund policy; availability and nature of any financial assistance offered; a student’s responsibility to repay any loans; and a student’s right to reject any type of financial aid.

WITS further assures that all information regarding employability of graduates is true. This includes information of whether the institution is connected with any organization that is providing training leading directly to employment and whether employment is being offered by the institution.

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WITS is a degree granting institution approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.