Transfer of Credits Policy

Transfer Credits

Courses taken at another higher education institution may be approved and accepted for transfer credit toward a degree or certification at WITS.Transfer credits are not included in the calculation of grade point average. However, credits accepted in transfer are counted toward the number of credits earned by a student.

Official transcripts from each institution where college-level courses were taken must be submitted. Course descriptions and/or syllabi are also required. Courses earning a grade of “C” and higher are transferable. Courses taken over five years ago may expire and may not be applied to the degree, if the course content is out-of-date, as determined by the Academic Dean.

WITS accepts credit from the following:

  • Regionally accredited institutions

  • AIJS accredited institutions

  • Select nationally accredited institutions

  • Select National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS)

  • Foreign credit evaluations that have been evaluated by a service such as WES, ECE, AACRO, SILNY

  • Credit by exam

    • Advanced Placement (AP) –Minimum score of 4 is required

    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) –May earn up to 12 credits; May be combined with foreign language exams and/or Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP)credits for a cap of 30 credits; CLEP credit may not be accepted for courses in the major or minor; CLEP credit may not be granted for coursesofferedthat semester

    • New York University (NYU) Foreign Language Exam

    • CompTIA certifications for credit

Inter-Institution Contracted Credits


WITS has partnered with certain institutions to offer courses. Enrollment in courses delivered via any partnership agreement requires a separate registration process. Furthermore, in addition to fulfillment of academic and institutional policies of WITS, students enrolled in courses delivered by an institutional must also abide by the established policies of the partnering institution. These courses fulfill WITS residency requirements and grades are calculated into the cumulative institutional grade point average (GPA). Courses earning a grade of “D” and above earn credit.


Additional policies related to specific partnerships are as follows:


Gratz College


WITS has an inter-institutional agreement with Gratz College whereby WITS students who complete stipulated Gratz College degree requirements can earn a regionally accredited degree from Gratz College in addition to earning the nationally accredited degree from WITS. A student interested in this partnership must indicate such interest at the time of application to WITS. Upon acceptance to the program, a student is required to register for Gratz courses through Gratz College. Academic Advisors will assist a student with fulfillment of Gratz registration requirements.

Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)


WITS has an inter-institutional agreement with CCBC whereby CCBC offers selected courses for WITS students. A student may register for additional CCBC courses offered on the CCBC campus. Permission from the Academic Dean to enroll in additional courses is required. The student must be concurrently enrolled at WITS. All changes to CCBC registration, including add/drop changes, must be processed through the WITS Student Services Coordinator.


Approval for Courses Taken at Other Institutions


Once a student is enrolled at WITS, all courses must be taken at WITS unless written permission is obtained in advance. Any student who wishes to take a course at an institution other than WITS (including any partnering institution) must fill out the Request to Take Outside Courses Form. The form must be completed online and approved by the Academic Dean. The request is not confirmed until the student receives notice of approval via email. The Request to Take Outside Courses Form must be submitted before the start of the semester in which the course will be taken. The form is available on the WITS website under Current Students.


WITS does not guarantee credit will be granted for any course taken at another institution that has not received pre-approval. To earn credit, students must achieve a grade of “C” in the course and submit official transcripts (other than courses taken at a partnering institution and registered through WITS as discussed under Inter-Institution Contracted Credits).


WITS is not responsible for the content or methods of instruction for courses taken outside of WITS.

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