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Meet the Alumnae Council

The WITS/Maalot Alumnae Association, under the guidance of Rebbetzin Rosenbaum, is committed to nurturing a lifelong community offering chizuk and resources for alumnae so they can continue to thrive as frum women in both their personal and professional lives.


Executive Committee

Oriana Kelemer '15, President

Loni (Jacob) Goldman '04, Vice President

Shira (Beleck) Heideman '11, Operational Director

Yakira (Green) Price '20, Treasurer

Anna (Grynsztein) Mond '20, Secretary

Council Members

Gabrielle Bakaev '20 - Marketing Chair

Malka (Motzen) Kravitz '21 - Data Analyst Chair

Sarah (Rosensaft) Mutterperl ‘12 - Business Chair

Yael Weiss '15 - Computer Science Chair

Yael Zimberg '19 - Education Chair

Apply to join the Alumnae Council or volunteer on a committee

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