The mission of Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary & College (WITS) is to provide Orthodox Jewish women with an in-depth, values-centered, academic experience in both Judaic and general studies.




WITS is a premier institution for Orthodox Jewish women that offers rigorous study of classical and contemporary Jewish schools of thought and in-depth analysis of text and literature.WITS provides an intellectual foundation in core subject areas, including arts, English language and composition, humanities, natural and social sciences, and mathematics, as well as pre-professional coursework. A WITS education enables graduates to enter professions in numerous fields or pursue further study in graduate schools.Via a distinctive values-centered approach to learning, academic programs promote traditional Jewish standards and prepare graduates for professional and Torah life.

Institutional Learning Goals

WITS adheres to a set of overarching institutional goals that are reflective of the mission. The institutional goals are as follows:

Upon completion of a degree from Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary & College, a graduate will be able to demonstrate achievement of the following goals:



  • Jewish Knowledge & Values – Exercise Jewish law, tradition, and wisdom in personal and professional decision-making and leadership practices.

  • Ethical Behavior – Make informed choices that reflect personal and professional ethics and respect for diverse views.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking – Evaluate information based on skills of reasoning, problem solving, and analysis.

  • Written and Oral Communication – Convey ideas effectively across diverse audiences and settings.

  • Information and Technology Literacy – Utilize appropriate technology and research skills to locate and critically evaluate information from a variety of sources.

  • Professional/General Skills and Knowledge – Apply understanding of the major conceptual, theoretical, and methodological foundations related to general education and the professional field.