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Israel Study Abroad Program (ISAP)

A Year of Inspiration and Growth.

A Jump Start on Your College Degree.


Going to Israel for a year of study after high school?

Earn college credit for your Limudei Kodesh seminary courses as part of WITS' Israel Study Abroad Program Option (ISAP). ISAP offers WITS degree-seeking students up to 30 credits towards the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Getting college credit for your studies in Eretz Yisroel will double the benefit of your year abroad. In addition to a year of inspiration and growth, you will get a substantial head start towards your BA at WITS.

This study abroad option is only for those students committed to continuing their studies at WITS in Baltimore.


Requirements for participation in ISAP:

  • Acceptance to WITS

  • Acceptance to a WITS approved seminary program

  • Commitment to continue attending WITS in Baltimore after the year of study abroad in Israel


Begin the process by applying to WITS and applying to an approved seminary program. Once your completed application is received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with the Menaheles. Upon acceptance to WITS and completion of payment arrangements, you will be enrolled in the ISAP option.

After the successful completion of the year of study in Israel, courses and grades earned in conjunction with ISAP will be recorded as official courses with grades and a GPA. Up to 30 credits may be earned.

Federal and state financial aid is available for qualifying WITS students enrolled in the ISAP option.

Funds from 529 accounts can be used to pay tuition. WITS tuition payments may qualify for federal education tax credits. 

For admissions information or assistance, email Mrs. Shira Heideman at

Applications for admission are evaluated on a rolling basis. Priority application deadline: March 1st

Space in the ISAP program is limited. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by the priority application deadline.

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