Areas of Study

At WITS, you earn your undergraduate degree in a positive, frum environment. The academic programs at WITS combine high-level Limudei Kodesh courses and rigorous academic secular studies courses designed to promote growth in knowledge, perspective and skills.


WITS is dedicated to empowering our students to accomplish their academic and career goals. We offer a broad spectrum of majors, minors, and coursework that fulfill prerequisite requirements for graduate school and entering the professional world. In addition to the degrees offered, WITS offers an internationally-recognized degree in conjunction with Gratz College, a Middle States regionally accredited institution.

As a WITS student, you and your Academic Advisor choose the focus and pace of your studies based on your field of interest, academic goals, and professional aspirations. This results in a personalized degree program designed just for you. Not sure what you want to study? No problem! The WITS advisement team will work with you to explore multiple fields of interest until you are comfortable choosing an educational direction.

Explore all of the academic options and opportunities available at WITS.

BS in Jewish Education

Prepare students to become established, professional educators across the Jewish educational spectrum

BA in Computer Science

Prepare for positions as computer science professionals in business, industry, or government, as well as for graduate study in computer science.

BA in Judaic Studies

Prepare students to become successful, Jewishly informed professionals.

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BA in Psychology

Prepare students for positions as psychology professionals in business, industry, or government, as well as for graduate study in all fields pertaining to psychology.