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Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Degree in Education with Gratz College





WITS students and alumnae can continue their graduate studies at Gratz College through a preferred pathway program with WITS. WITS students will benefit from an expedited admissions process and special tuition rate, and coursework taken at WITS, as part of the undergraduate program, can be applied to the graduate degree. 

The Gratz College Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree is an online, 30 credit (10 courses) program. The 8-week, asynchronous courses allow students to learn from their individual work and reflection, from other students, and from Gratz College’s faculty of practitioners. Gratz College strives for students to graduate the program re-energized about teaching and inspired to continue their good work in the world. 

WITS students can apply up to 9 credits of their undergraduate education coursework to the graduate degree. The WITS courses that apply towards the master’s degree are: EDU 320 (Instructional Design); EDU 360 (Classroom Techniques and Management); and PSY 230 (Psychological Foundations of Education). Students who complete all three of these courses at WITS will only require an additional 21 credits at Gratz College to complete the M.Ed. degree.  

Gratz’s Master of Education program helps teachers and potential teachers maximize the learning potential in their classrooms and improve their effectiveness as educators. This program benefits educators in traditional classrooms and in other educational spaces.  


Admissions Requirements: 

  • Students must complete two semesters of coursework in the WITS undergraduate program in conjunction with Gratz college and achieve a grade point average of at minimum 3.0. 

  • Students must submit at least one letter of recommendation from a faculty/staff advisor. 

Gratz Preferred Pathway Benefits: 


  • WITS students will receive a reduced tuition rate of $415 per credit. 

  • Gratz will cross-list EDU 320, EDU 360, and PSY 230 with equivalent graduate-level offerings and students will be able to count these nine credits as fulfillment of the nine-credit “foundational area” component of the M.Ed. curriculum.   

  • WITS students will enjoy expedited admissions.  


For more information on Gratz College’s M.Ed. program CLICK HERE

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