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Out of Town Students

Bruchos Ha’baos! Welcome to WITS, Your Home Away from Home.

Hailing from all across North America (including Cleveland, Detroit, Boston, St. Louis, Toronto, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Providence, Montreal, Harrisburg, Miami), Israel, Europe, South America, and Australia, students bring a rich variety of experiences and perspectives to WITS, forging lasting connections. Students contribute their own styles, perspectives and life experiences to the richness of the academic and social life of WITS.

Students hailing from out of Baltimore typically board with local families, 2-4 students per family. WITS administrators assist in the process of finding accommodations and provide recommendations. Some student choose to rent apartments with other students. 

Most out-of-town students complete their degree and prerequisite coursework at WITS. If a student wishes to take courses in her hometown in the summer or after the completion of her seminary year, the academic advisory staff work with her to complete her requirements.

Wherever a WITS student lives, she knows that she is always a part of the WITS family. The resources of WITS and its advisory staff are always available to her, before and after graduation.

Students from foreign countries are welcome to apply to WITS.

International Students

International Students

Welcoming Students מארבע כנפות הארץ

WITS has been a welcoming home away from home for international students hailing from five continents – so far! From Sao Paulo to Sydney, Kishinev to Quebec, our reputation has drawn young women looking for the best in higher education.

WITS is certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and authorized to accept international students who meet our academic and policy requirements.  Potential students must:

  • Demonstrate evidence of English proficiency

  • Provide written documentation showing they have financial support and sufficient financial resources to cover educational, living, and miscellaneous expenses

  • Show proof of health insurance; the level of insurance must meet the standards set by NAFSA: Association of International Educators and must be transferable to the United States

  • Submit proof of immunity to communicable diseases.


The administration, faculty and staff provide a warm environment and look forward to welcoming you to WITS.

A big city with a small-town community feel

Life in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland. Home of the Orioles, the Ravens, and the Social Security Administration. The birthplace of Henrietta Szold, Babe Ruth, Edgar Allen Poe, and “The Star Spangled Banner”. Its magnificent harbor displays paddle boats, water taxis, and cruise boats that offer transport to Annapolis, the state capital and home of the U.S. Naval Academy.

More importantly, Baltimore today is home to a dozen Jewish day schools, yeshivos and WITS. With approximately 100 observant families moving to Baltimore each year, Baltimore is considered one of the fastest growing Orthodox communities in the country.

WITS is located in the heart of the Baltimore Jewish community. The Jewish shopping district in Baltimore, a mere few blocks from WITS, has a Judaic gift and book store, kosher butcher shops and bakeries, an exclusively kosher supermarket, and several kosher restaurants and eateries featuring everything from bagels and shwarma, to pizza, deli, and sushi. Baltimore even has two Kosher Dunkin’ Donuts!

An amazing potpourri of shuls serves the city’s almost 100,000 Jews. There are nearly 70 synagogues and minyanim scattered throughout the greater community, with 30 of them in Upper Park Heights, WITS' neighborhood, alone. The Agudath Israel of Baltimore, located just 3 blocks from WITS, is a vibrant Torah center which houses well over 100 minyanim weekly, in addition to numerous shiurim. Baltimore’s many Sephardic Jews, mostly from Iran, daven in synagogues that follow their own rich customs.

While many of the observant Jews of the Baltimore community are involved in some form of community leadership as Rabbonim, Rebbetzins, Rebbis, Mechanchos, and kiruv professionals, many others are engaged in the secular world of academia, government, and commerce. They include doctors and health care workers, lawyers, professors and deans at Baltimore’s prestigious universities, business executives, and employees of federal and state agencies, as well as blue-collar workers and small business owners. Active and accomplished in their professions, they are committed to a Torah lifestyle, volunteering for communal chesed projects, and making Torah study the center of their busy day.

Baltimore’s Jewish community is known far and wide for its charitable communal organizations: Ahavas Yisroel Charity Fund unobtrusively delivers food packages and provides monetary assistance to the poor; Bikur Cholim arranges meals, transport, housing and visitation to the sick; the Jewish Caring Network provides multi-faceted help to the terminally ill and their families; and the Hachnosas Orchim program arranges housing for visitors from around the world being treated at the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and other medical institutions. Many WITS students volunteer for these organizations, becoming important contributors to community life.

Baltimore is affectionately known as “Charm City.” That charm is certainly true of the Baltimore Jewish community which serves as the home of the WITS campus.

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