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Adina "Dini" Levin '10

Kidney Transplant Coordinator

As a floor nurse on the transplant unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dini retained her tznius in her dress and her demeanor. She built respect for Orthodox Judaism among her non-Jewish and Jewish workmates. Dini cared for her patients as if they were her own family. Patients ranging from the anonymous to celebrities came to know that Dini was there for them from the minute they walked in the door to the day of discharge.

When NYU Langone Medical Center opened their transplant program, Dini's clinical and interpersonal skills, particularly in patient education, were well known among transplant surgeons. Dini was recruited to become a kidney transplant coordinator, facilitating transplants for people from all walks of life.

Transplant candidates referred by Renewal found comfort discovering that a Shomer Shabbos person was paving the way to their new lease on life. On more than one occasion, former patients informed family members how much Dini made a difference in their fight for life.

Now at the Miami Transplant Institute at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dini continues to spread the light as a kidney transplant coordinator for the largest transplant program in the USA.

"I am exceedingly grateful to WITS/Maalot for providing me with a stellar education which taught me how to think critically and analytically. This has greatly impacted by ability to function in a high pressure environment on a daily basis. The educational focus on Torah values has enabled me to consistently and comfortably function with integrity as an ambassador for Torah in the work place."

Adina "Dini" Levin '10
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