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Bassie (Rosensaft) Goldenberg ’15 - Baltimore, MD

Assistant Director and Teacher, Early Learning Center

After graduating WITS/Maalot, Bassie began working at Bais Yaakov of Baltimore. Starting out as a pre-school assistant, Bassie is now the Assistant Director of the Early Learning Center as well as the Kodesh Teacher in the Pre-Nursery class and a permanent sub/floater in the middle school. Last year her dedication was recognized, and she received the Sam Kahan Distinguished Educator Award from the CJE. In addition to her day job, Bassie is the Director and Founder of Camp Happy Feet. She also teaches figure skating, allowing girls to shine in a nonacademic atmosphere. Together with her mother and sisters they run Matanot Shelanu, a figure skating production that donates proceeds to the JCN.

Bassie is also involved in various volunteer initiatives. She is involved in Al-Anon, a support program for people whose lives have been affected by someone else’s addiction. The group she contributes to hosts a monthly get-together and a WhatsApp group of 30+ women. She also organizes events for divorcees and contributes to meetings for women struggling with medical and emotional challenges. She is a ready volunteer for multiple chesed organizations and an amazing mom!

Bassie looks at the best in everyone even in the worst scenarios and she encourages everyone to do the same, reminding them that Hakodesh Baruchu is there to support them. She loves connecting with children and hopes to go back to school to become a child play therapist.

“While at WITS/Maalot I had the opportunity to study under and learn from so many great Rabanim and Rebbetzins in our community. What I loved most, was that the lessons being taught were tangible and real. The way their faces lit up while teaching Chumash, Aishes Chayil, Megillah, etc., was like they were sharing a part of their life with us, their personal history, and the various teachers and professors were so excited to include us in their journey of learning about our history."

"As an educator in the Jewish school system, I try and embody and embrace the idea that I am infusing a love for Yidishkite and Torah into these students just like my educators have done to me."

“Teachers can make such a profound impact on our lives and should be honored as heroes.”

To contact Bassie, email

Bassie (Rosensaft) Goldenberg ’15 - Baltimore, MD
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