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Bella Herman ‘22

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
Menucha Administrative Manager
Baltimore, MD

Bella is a ray of sunshine, spreading positivity wherever she goes and setting a great example for everyone around her. Professionally, she dedicates her efforts to cybersecurity, serving as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for the state of Maryland through her role as a state contractor with DMI. She's on a mission to keep our communities safe by profiling and tracking threat actors, spotting attacker trends, and using new technologies to detect potential threats across state networks.

She's not just a tech whiz, though. Bella graduated from WITS with a double major in Computer Science and Psychology. Beyond her 9-to-5, she wears many hats. As the administrative manager and program coordinator for Menucha, a nonprofit organization that services Baltimore’s special children, she organizes programs, events, and volunteer schedules. Bella also volunteers for Batya, the teen division of the kiruv organization JEP, where she mentors local Jewish teens from various religious backgrounds. Balancing her professional achievements with her commitment to community service, Bella brings a down-to-earth enthusiasm to everything she does.

“I really enjoyed my time at WITS. It was so nice to come back from seminary and be with my friends. I loved that I was able to get my degree without going into a secular environment!”

Bella Herman ‘22
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