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Chaya Spero '13

Teacher, JTAP Madricha, Volunteer

Chaya has taken her role as an educator and gone above and beyond. She has been a preschool teacher at TA for the last nine years, showering love and care on her students. “Knowing you are helping children build the foundation and skills that they’ll need in their life is so meaningful to me. I love watching them start to become independent and use the skills they learn in the classroom,” shares Chaya.

Aside from her work at TA, Chaya is a JTAP (Jewish Teen Advancement Program) house Madricha, and provides unconditional love and care to the 18-21 year old girls living there. Chaya helps them build life skills and develop respect for others.

Chaya also volunteers for many other local organizations and she does it all quietly and gracefully. She is a light to all who are lucky enough to know her.

“The way the teachers and students at WITS/Maalot carried themselves was such a stark contrast from the experience I had when I would take classes at CCBC. I was so appreciative of being in an environment where everyone shared the same values.”

Chaya Spero '13
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