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Dr. Avital (Baral) Shimanovich ’06

Microbiologist, Head of CMC RA, MediWound Ltd

Since the beginning of the war, Avital has dedicated herself to preparing nourishing meals for both soldiers and displaced families from the south. Among her beneficiaries are Sephardic families who deeply appreciate Avital's ability to tap into their Sephardic roots, crafting meals tailored to their distinctive taste. Avital's compassionate spirit extends to helping make a Bar Mitzvah for a refugee family and hosting her daughter's 6th-grade class this week to bake cookies for soldiers.

Balancing her altruistic endeavors, Dr. Avital successfully manages a demanding career as a microbiologist and serves as the Head of CMC RA at MediWound Ltd, an Israeli pharmaceutical company. Together with her company, she produced a vital burn treatment that is currently being used for the war effort.

Beyond her current pursuits, Avital aspires to establish a career mentorship program for frum women in the Chareidi community. Her vision is to inspire these women, demonstrating that they can attain greater heights, achieve financial stability, and find fulfillment in their professions.

“I firmly believe that a WITS degree opens doors to endless possibilities. There's no field beyond the reach of an Orthodox Jewish woman. We can pursue high-paying careers, work full time, raise children, and be exceptional parents. It demands considerable juggling, but WITS has instilled in me the confidence that, with a solid foundation, I am capable of anything!”

Dr. Avital (Baral) Shimanovich ’06
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