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Fraida (Cohen) Welcher '13

School Counselor

Fraida is a school counselor who is loved and respected by the parents, children, teachers and principals she works with in several schools in Lakewood. She has helped many children with social issues, anxiety, issues at home, and spreads light with her playful, loving and gentle approach.

Fraida also worked as a general therapist at Silver Care, providing support to families and even seeing patients at home during times of crisis. Many of the children she worked with, ages 6-14, came from very challenging homes and had severe behavioral issues. “My favorite part of working with these children is being able to connect with the child and bring out all the goodness and potential inside of them,” says Fraida.

“Going to a secular college would have been a complete culture shock for me as a young single frum girl. Having WITS/Maalot was so fortifying. It was the bridge between seminary and the outside world, and I didn’t need to compromise my standards. I got the tools I needed so I could continue on to my master’s program and without WITS/Maalot, I’m not sure I would be the same person. Even today I decided to work in a frum environment, so I can uphold those standards and thrive as a frum woman and mother.”

Fraida (Cohen) Welcher '13
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