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Gratzia (Rose) Atkin ‘14

Nurse Practitioner, Village OBGYN
Baltimore, MD

Gratzia, a dedicated wife, mother, and health care professional, graduated from WITS in 2014. Eager to advance her skills and make a greater impact, she pursued nursing studies at the University of Maryland School of Nursing, eventually obtaining a master's certificate from Bradley University to become a Nurse Practitioner. Starting out at Mt Washington Pediatric Hospital, she honed her nursing skills before transitioning to Village OBGYN, where she has been serving as a Nurse Practitioner for over three years.

Passionate about working with the frum community, Gratzia envisioned this goal when she entered NP school. Beyond the confines of the medical office, she thrives on extending assistance to the community, finding fulfillment in helping individuals outside regular office hours. Gratzia's role holds profound meaning for her as she recognizes the importance of understanding halacha in providing care. Turning to Rabbanim in the community, she addresses shaylos and ensures that her patients receive the highest level of care and sensitivity.

After getting engaged to her husband who was studying at Ner Israel, Gratzia enrolled in Maalot. Upon her graduation, The University of Maryland enthusiastically accepted her, mentioning their high regard for Maalot graduates. Now, Gratzia, a mother of five children, along with her supportive husband—a Rebbe at Yeshivas Mekor Chaim— work tirelessly to balance family and work responsibilities, showing resilience and dedication.

“I have a lot of hakaras hatov to Maalot. It was the perfect place to get my degree in a frum supportive environment and it really set me up for success.”

Gratzia (Rose) Atkin ‘14
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