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Malka (Biberfeld) Florans '15

Community Builder

Malka and her husband Abba, moved to the community of White Oak in Silver Spring, after living in Israel for a few years. They are one of a few young families living there and they have dedicated themselves to community building and revitalization. They make kumzitz’s, Lag Baomer events, and help to organize Chol Hamoed events to bring great energy to the neighborhood.

“WITS/Maalot was a beautiful transition to the next stage of my life. Coming from a world surrounded by Yiddishkeit, WITS/Maalot enabled me to attain a degree and further educate myself in a wholesome environment. The teachers were extraordinarily and had tremendous insights to share. They were role models by example and were a true inspiration. From the Leimudei Kodesh teachers, to the quality of the college courses, nothing was compromised. From classes to events, everything was conducted with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, the advisement staff was absolutely outstanding at helping each person navigate their career needs. Thank you for serving the community in such a tremendous way. May you only have success in the future!"

Malka (Biberfeld) Florans '15
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