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Malka (Motzen) Kravitz ’21 - Baltimore / Cincinnati

Administrative Assistant and Dance Instructor

Malka grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and has many roots in Baltimore. She graduated from WITS with a BA in Education and went on to teach both Parsha and dance at Bnos Yisroel. Dance has always been a big part of Malka’s life. Her mother, Shifra Motzen, is also a dancer who encouraged her four daughters to follow their dreams and utilize their talents in a kedushadik way. Malka spreads this message to all the dancers she has taught over the years. She inspires women and girls to use their talents to foster positive self-image and to bring joy to themselves and others.

While in Israel last year, Malka worked at two dance studios as a dance instructor and participated in a number of women’s performances. She and her husband moved back to Baltimore in the summer and WITS was thrilled when Malka joined the office staff as the Administrative Assistant for the Academic Dean. Malka loves working at WITS because it’s a way to connect and give back to the amazing staff and faculty who had such an impact on her life.

Aside from her job at WITS, Malka also volunteers as a mentor for MyTeam, a support group for frum teens and women who have chronic medical conditions.

“As a high school girl, seminary seemed like the pinnacle of spiritual attainment. I initially chose to go to WITS in order to bridge the gap between seminary and real life. But I soon realized that WITS not only built upon what I had learned in seminary, it also gave me the ability to be a frum woman in the real world. WITS allowed me to integrate what I had learned and to continue my educational and spiritual journey”.

Malka (Motzen) Kravitz ’21  - Baltimore / Cincinnati
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