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Menucha Fink '18

Business Consultant
Founder of TAL and MOVE
Baltimore, MD

Menucha earned her BA from WITS and subsequently pursued her MBA at Louisiana State University. Harnessing the knowledge gained, she passionately serves as a business consultant, specializing in nurturing the growth and efficiency of small businesses, particularly within the close-knit Jewish community. Her profound satisfaction stems from witnessing the transformation of passionate individuals into successful entrepreneurs.

Fueled by a sense of responsibility, Menucha independently raises funds to support her brainchild, TAL – a non-profit program tailored for local high school girls. Inspired by the values instilled at WITS, TAL emphasizes doing chesed for the community as well as fostering relationships with mentors and peers.

Furthering her impact, Menucha initiated MOVE, a high school girls' dance competition providing a wholesome extracurricular outlet. Teams participating in MOVE undertake fundraising endeavors, with proceeds generously donated to tzedakah. Guided by her talents, abilities, and an unwavering passion, Menucha is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

“I really appreciated being able to come back from seminary and not being thrown into the secular world. I had my friends, my Judaic classes and I continued to grow, all while pursuing my degree.”

Menucha Fink '18
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