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Nechama Stein ‘13 - Baltimore, MD

General Studies Teacher and Ultra Sound Tech

Nechama is a special person who strives to always see the good and bring happiness to those around her. After graduating from WITS/Maalot, Nechama continued on to UMBC where she studied ultrasound and worked in the field for two years. Numerous surgeries, however, required her to make certain life changes and Nechama decided to use her knowledge to teach 3rd and 4th grade Math and Science at Bais Yaakov Elementary. Nechama is truly dedicated to her students and uses her ultrasound background and life circumstances to teach her students about the mind and body and what it means to be healthy.

Aside from her teaching, Nechama is a ready volunteer for both JCN and Chai Lifeline. She recognizes she has been through hard times but doesn’t let them overtake her. She says, “You can always serve Hashem, even at the times you don’t feel connected. When someone feels far, they can turn to Hashem and ask Him for help! We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to help others through our strengths and not judge others for their weaknesses.”

"My time at WITS/Maalot was invaluable. It taught me how to navigate being in the real world while also allowing me to continuing to learn about the things that matter most - my yiddishkeit".

Nechama Stein ‘13 - Baltimore, MD
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