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Oriana Kelemer '16

Physician Assistant, ICU Johns Hopkins
Community Volunteer
Baltimore, MD

Oriana Kelemer is a beacon of light, embodying the essence of dedication and passion in everything she does. Armed with a degree from WITS and an MBA in Healthcare Management from the University of Baltimore, she pursued her aspirations further by attaining a master's in health sciences at George Washington University, specializing as a Physician Assistant. Her commitment to excellence recently culminated in her role as a PA resident at the prestigious Johns Hopkins ICU.

Beyond this remarkable journey, Oriana's leadership has been nothing short of exceptional. Over the last three years, Oriana has dedicated her service to the alumnae council, where her strategic thinking and creative initiatives played a pivotal role in elevating the Alumnae Association to new heights. Her impactful contributions were so noteworthy that she recently assumed the role of president, further solidifying her commitment to the organization's growth and success. Simultaneously, she accepted the call to contribute to the WITS board of directors, showcasing her ability to make a substantial impact beyond her immediate professional sphere.

Oriana's altruistic spirit extends even further. As a madricha for JTAP, she provides unwavering support to young women, fostering a sense of community and empowerment. Her peers regard her as an incredible friend and role model, someone they can always count on.

In reflecting on her journey, Oriana shares that her career is not merely a job; it’s an opportunity to be there for the community, helping patients navigate their most challenging times.

"One of the significant aspects I gained from my time at WITS was learning how to integrate who I am into what I do. I want to represent someone with strong Torah values, which is something I never leave behind. WITS truly prepared me, allowing me to pursue my education in a kosher environment that balanced both general and Torah studies. Whenever I engage in something, it will always be infused with Yiddishkeit – as a frum woman, it guides every aspect of my life."

Oriana Kelemer '16
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