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Rivka (Levy) Dear '10

Preschool Director, Caskey Torah Academy
Philadelphia, PA

Morah Rivka is the driving force behind the exceptional preschool program at Caskey Torah Academy, where she has served as the dedicated Preschool Director since 2016. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Education from WITS and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Long Island University, Rivka has been instrumental in overseeing the preschool program, which caters to around 120 children. The program uses a unique approach to chinuch called “Conscious Discipline.” This method goes beyond traditional teaching, focusing on what children feel, think and need. The primary goal is to get children to feel safe, comfortable, and accepted so they can then use the highest parts of their brain to be creative, problem solve, and open their minds up for learning.

Rivka recognizes the impact that a quality early childhood program has on each person as they learn to recognize their gifts and figure out their contribution to the world with their unique personality and strengths. Rivka’s passion for education extends beyond the classroom. In addition to her role at the academy, she initiated a weekly chinuch vaad for parents in the Philly community, learning together to strengthen their homes. She also extends her influence by coaching new teachers and preschool directors, showcasing her dedication to shaping the future of education.

Reflecting on her time at WITS, Rivka cherishes the seminary atmosphere of the school and the substantial academic support provided by her advisors. She appreciates the lasting friendships she made and the ability to take Torah classes while actively pursuing her degree. Immersed in a frum environment, Rivka credits WITS’ Torah-centered education to profoundly influencing her approach to teaching and learning.

Rivka (Levy) Dear '10
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