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Sarah (Rosensaft) Mutterperl ‘12 - Baltimore, MD

Founder of "Matanot Shelanu" and Human Resources Leader

As a child, Sarah was a talented ice skater. Her dream was to professionally compete, but she would never sacrifice her tznius or Shabbos observance to do so. Finding another way to use her talent, Sarah, along with her mother and sister, Bassie, began "Matanot Shelanu", a girl's figure skating program. Together they ran it for 15 years. They organized shows where girls from all backgrounds could express themselves and gain confidence. "Matanot Shelanu" even got a company to make tznius ice skating dresses for the girls! Over the years the show has raised thousands and thousands of dollars which were donated to the Jewish Caring Network.

Aside from skating, Sarah has been working for Cove Property Management for the past three years. Currently as their Human Resources Leader, she coordinates monthly employee engagements, enforces labor law compliance, connects with individuals and managers to develop best performance outcomes, and recruits candidates for property management positions from all over the east coast. She finds her job rewarding and enjoys helping people get the benefits they deserve, acting as an advocate for both team members and the company. In her role, she is exposed to many different types of people and Jews and finds it meaningful to connect with them, using the opportunities to make a Kiddush Hashem. Sarah can often be found volunteering for different community events and is currently the Chairman for the MMHA (Maryland Multi Housing Association) HR Council. She is motivated and passionate and loves to get things done.

Sarah attended WITS/Maalot where she received her bachelor's in Liberal Arts.

“I loved my experience at WITS/Maalot, particularly the incredible Israel trip we went on! Rebbetzin Rosenbaum made such an impact on my life.”

Sarah (Rosensaft) Mutterperl ‘12 - Baltimore, MD
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