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Tehila (Fink) Feldbaum '13

Associate Attorney

I started my professional journey with the goal of becoming a contributing member to our community. I was raised in a home that taught me to find my kochos and then figure out how to use them to help others and make a difference in the community. When I began WITS/Maalot, my initial plan was to study psychology and pursue a career in mental health. As I studied and learned in my classes, I found myself wanting to focus more on the macro rather than the micro, preventative rather than reactive - the systematic issues that impact individuals. That’s when I shifted my career and started my path towards law school.

During my time at WITS/Maalot, I was a tutor in Ohr Chadash through Shemesh, which greatly influenced my interest in special education and law. Throughout law school, I researched and wrote extensively on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, specifically regarding how it applies to private school students.

Currently, I work for two law firms: The Law Office of David E. Fink and The Law Office of David B. Shapiro. Between the two firms I have been able to work in all areas of civil litigation, criminal defense, and family law. At the Law Office of David E. Fink, under my father and rav, Mr. Fink, I have also had the opportunity to work more specifically in our community assisting clients with halachic wills, and providing pro bono services to people in need.

Volunteer work has always been very important to me. Most recently, my volunteer work has included being a board member of Shemesh, joining various Associated committees, and being an elected member of the Maryland State Central Committee. I also enjoy giving back to WITS/Maalot and recently joined Career Day where I presented to students on life as a frum female attorney.

“I love being able to help people with what I do and hope to one day do more to influence and impact our immediate community. I loved my classes at WITS/Maalot and being able to finish my degree quickly was a huge bonus, allowing me time to learn and grow in my field. The dual curriculum also really taught me time management skills that have served me really well throughout my schooling and career.”

Tehila (Fink) Feldbaum '13
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