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Yaffa (Elefant) Stern ‘15

Nurse Manager, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
Baltimore, MD

Yaffa serves as an inspiring example of unwavering hard work and dedication. Following her graduation from WITS, she continued her education and pursued a Master's Entry into Nursing at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. After receiving her RN, Yaffa dedicated herself to bedside care at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. Within two years, she advanced to the position of permanent charge nurse. As she progressed further, she transitioned into the role of supervisor, and in 2021, she assumed the responsibilities of a nurse manager. In this capacity, she oversees diverse aspects of patient care, staff recruitment, and retention.

Yaffa's commitment to excellence in nursing is highlighted by her receipt of two Daisy Awards, prestigious national awards honoring nurses with exceptional bedside care. Baltimore magazine has also recognized her outstanding contributions for two consecutive years, celebrating her achievements at a special event. Beyond her managerial duties, Yaffa remains deeply involved in mentorship, guiding aspiring nursing students and sharing invaluable insights on maintaining a balance between family life and professional responsibilities.

Outside the hospital, Yaffa is a devoted wife to Rabbi Stern, serving as an unwavering pillar of support for him in his role as Rosh Kollel for the Baltimore Community Kollel. Balancing her roles as a mother and wife, she works diligently to provide for her family. Her formative years as a boarder while at Maalot fostered strong connections, particularly with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Goldberger, who played pivotal roles in her life and continue to do so.

"My time at WITS was incredibly beneficial as I could complete my nursing school prerequisites while simultaneously taking kodesh classes. Throughout the process of getting into graduate school, I had several mentors, including Mrs. Lapidus, Dr. Klein, and Rebbetzin Rosenbaum, who guided me every step of the way."

Yaffa (Elefant) Stern ‘15
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