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Yehudis (Wincelberg) Kon ‘13

Mental Health Counselor, Kiruv
Surfside, FL

Yehudis Kon is a dedicated individual whose life revolves around making a positive impact in the Jewish community of Florida. Alongside her husband, she is actively involved in Yehudi, a branch of the kiruv organization Olami. Yehudis is renowned for her warm hospitality, regularly hosting large Friday night dinners for young professionals. Beyond the dinner table, she engages in one-on-one learning sessions with them and serves as a kallah teacher, guiding secular, growing women on their personal journeys.

Her role extends beyond the home as Yehudis takes on the position of a school therapist in a local Jewish elementary school, where she also imparts knowledge as a Science teacher for middle school girls. A proud graduate of WITS, Yehudis furthered her education by earning a master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Bellevue University, completing her studies in September. This academic background equips her with the tools to make a profound impact on the well-being of those she interacts with.

Yehudis values the opportunity to contribute within the Jewish community, and appreciates the flexibility that allows her to align her schedule with her children's needs. Her passion lies in working with young children, focusing on preventative measures that build their confidence and equip them with essential coping skills. Despite a demanding workload, Yehudis tirelessly balances her professional and familial responsibilities, drawing inspiration from her time at WITS, where her enthusiasm for Torah learning has left a lasting and practical impact on her identity and approach to life.

Yehudis (Wincelberg) Kon ‘13
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