BA in Judaic Studies




The Bachelor of Arts degree in Judaic Studies at WITS is designed to prepare students to become successful, Jewishly informed professionals. Student engage in high level studies of Jewish texts, thought and culture, designed to build critical and analytic thinking skills and a foundation built on Jewish ethics and values. The coursework trains women to become effective professional leaders within the Jewish communal world or the greater professional world, and contributors to their communities. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Judaic Studies provides a solid foundation in Judaic studies along with a liberal arts education and elective courses where students can take additional professional studies.


​Program Goals

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies, graduates will demonstrate the ability to:


  • Utilize effective oral and written communication, technology, and research skills in the study of Jewish text, thought and culture and professional studies. 

  • Employ critical and analytical thinking to analyze and apply principles of Judaic and general studies to professional and religious life.

  • Exhibit a level of Jewish literacy necessary to serve as an effective contributor across diverse communities.

  • Utilize Jewish ethics and values as a guide in personal and professional endeavors.

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