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Cybersecurity Training Program



WITS is excited once again to offer our community Cybersecurity training at no cost.


This Introduction to Information Technology and Cybersecurity training program will prepare women for jobs in the growing fields of IT and cybersecurity. 


For 2021, the training with be provided by Baltimore Cyber and will be REMOTE.
We are excited to share the details for TWO Baltimore Cyber program options:


Program Options

Baltimore Cyber offers two program options for cybersecurity training –ICE-T & ACT. Both options are remote at this time.

  1. ICE-T is a 4-month program where students study and complete exams for the following CompTIA certifications: A+, Network+ and Security+. The ICE-T requires a significant time commitment: approximately 4 hours per day to complete the module plus additional time studying the material. This is followed by a few weeks of intensive full-day trainings. The ICE-T program begins June 1st. Submit your application today!

  2. ACT is a 40-hour self-study program, to be completed over a 10-day period, followed by an intensive. ACT provides an introduction to the cybersecurity field. ACT is only open to women who are graduates of the computer science program or have extensive experience in computer programming/IT. The WITS cohort of the ACT program will begin in July.


The computer lab at WITS will be available at specific times for students who would like to complete the program modules on campus. We encourage students to schedule times to work in the lab in groups.


Baltimore Cyber is offering additional trainings and certifications for students who completed previous cohorts of the ICE-T program. Contact Gary Cohen at for more information.

Program Advantages:

  1. This program is offered at NO COST to participants. All tuition is covered by a Maryland State grant through Governor Hogan.

  2. As part of the ICE-T program, you will take the CompTIA A+, Network+, and security + certification exams, free of charge (these exams normally cost a few hundred dollars).

  3. Having these certifications will distinguish you from other job candidates.  These certifications are valuable differentiators, whether you stay in cybersecurity or go into some other IT field (read more)

  4. Assistance with job placement is available

    • There is a serious shortage in Maryland of qualified cybersecurity professionals, and there is an even greater shortage of women and minorities in the field.  This means that companies doing business with the government are struggling to find women and minorities in order to meet government contractual requirements. These employers are highly motivated to hire you!

    • Starting salaries in cybersecurity are between $40,000-$80,000/yr and grow with additional experience.

  5. Once you have a job, you can always move elsewhere in the company. There is no need to even stay in cybersecurity. The point is to get your foot in the door, and this program can help you do that at no cost.


What the Program Entails:

The program is run through Baltimore Cyber and funded by a grant from Governor Hogan. This is a continuing education program that does not earn college credit. However, WITS will accept CompTIA certifications for credit. Meaning, if you pass the certification exams, you can be awarded college credit that will count towards your Bachelor’s degree.

Program Requirements:

Applicants must:

  1. Be U.S. citizens

  2. Be Maryland residents

  3. Be planning to work in Maryland in cybersecurity or a related field upon completion of the program

  4. Have no criminal record

  5. Be fluent in English

About Baltimore Cyber

Baltimore Cyber is one of the first companies in the United States providing cybersecurity range training specifically for workforce development. Formed in 2017, Baltimore Cyber provides Maryland residents the necessary training to attain jobs in the IT/cybersecurity field. Learn more HERE.

How to Apply

Click here for the program application. Please note that this is a highly competitive program, and to be considered for ICE-T, we strongly recommend that you apply NOW. All applications must be submitted by June 1st, 2021. 

To submit your application, please email your completed application to Gary Cohen at When submitting your application, please do one of the following to let us know that you’ve applied, so we can follow up on your behalf:

  • Bcc Mrs. Shira Heideman at

  • Email Mrs. Shira Heideman at to let her know that you have submitted an application and indicate if you applied for ICE-T or ACT.


The staff at Baltimore Cyber holds WITS students in high esteem and is looking out for WITS applicants. Please make sure to mention that you are a WITS student/alum when applying. If you have any questions or need assistance with the application, please contact Mrs. Heideman.


For specific questions about the programs, contact Gary Cohen at

There is no cost for the attending the program. However, students need to make a firm commitment to attending and completing the training and being ready to work full-time in Maryland upon completion.

There are a very limited number of spots in this program. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis. APPLY NOW!

For more information about future cohorts, including opportunities for men, contact Mrs. Shira Heideman

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