certificate Program

The Graphic Design program at WITS teaches students design concepts through print and web-based lessons and projects.


Students are prepared for careers in visual communication and graphic design.

The Graphic Design certificate at WITS

The certificate program consists of nine courses that teach current and timeless design concepts through print and web based lessons and projects. All courses are taught in our fully equipped computer lab featuring both Mac and PC computers as well as on zoom, using the latest versions of Adobe programs.

These courses are open to women of the community and can be taken remotely. You can build strong, marketable graphic design skills wherever you live.

Through these courses, students will gain fluency in the fundamental tools of visual communication design: typography, color and layout. They will develop a sophisticated approach to creative problem solving and hone skills in branding, image generation, corporate identity, web design and information graphics. Students will learn to apply advanced skills with the Adobe workflow and produce a portfolio filled with cutting edge graphic design.

Utilize the core Adobe design programs to create cutting-edge work, including mastering Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

Apply principles of color, composition, hierarchy, and typography as they relate to the design of digital and print media.

Apply principles of visual communication in creating designs for diverse audiences and a global society.

Analyze designs in the environment and society in order to apply them to current trends.









Graphic Design for the Jewish Woman

These courses are focused on encouraging and supporting Jewish women as they move into careers in visual and graphic design, which frequently offer flexible employment options. Students who complete the certificate will be qualified for a successful career in visual communication and graphic design.


real world


Apply the design process, design thinking, and professional standards and practices to real- world tasks and professional projects.


design field

Exhibit intercultural competence and attention to diversity, within and beyond the Jewish community, in addressing civic, social, environmental, and economic issues of the graphic design field and professional world.


with clients

Use effective oral and written communication skills to present ideas and communicate effectively.




Our instructors have extensive knowledge and experience in the Design & Art fields. 

Course descriptions and requirements

The Graphic Design Certificate program is made up of nine classes taken over the course of a year. The introductory course: ART120 Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite is a prerequisite for the program. Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite Introduces the core software suite of Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Emphasizes the development of a working knowledge of the software tools and how they integrate with each other. Focuses on selecting programs to use for design objectives and integrating the programs together.

Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite is a self paced online coursed offered every semester. It is the introductory and pre-requisite course to the Certificate Program. Students completely immerse in the three core Adobe programs of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, creating sophisticated visual communication designs. These projects open up the world of graphic design to our students teach them the skills they need to succeed in our program.

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