Internships & Clinical Observations

Clinical Observations and internships are valuable opportunities that allow students to gain experience, build resumes and further explore their intended field of interest. Students may register for the clinical observations and internships during the fall, spring or summer semesters, depending on availability. Upon acceptance/approval, the student must then register and pay for the course.


Clinical Observations


WITS has partnered with local therapy and health care centers to offer clinical observation hours to students pursuing careers in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. Options for one, two and three-credit clinical observations are available. Academic credit is earned upon successful completion of a required number of observation hours coupled with a paper, if applicable. Students are required to apply during the registration period before the start of each semester.

Late applications will be accepted only if there are open slots. Applications are available on the WITS website under ‘Current Students’.


Students may elect to take internships in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA), Art and Design, Biology, Business, Computer Science, Education/Special Education, Health Sciences, and Psychology. Options for one, two and three-credit internships are available. 


Students must secure internships on their own and are required to apply for approval during the registration period before the start of the semester. Internship approval applications are available on the WITS website under ‘Current Students’. The internship must be approved prior to its start. Academic credit for internships is earned upon successful completion of course requirements. These include regular attendance, completion of 45 classroom hours per credit, satisfactory conduct at the placement, weekly assignments that reflect learning and progress at the internship and a final paper/portfolio (if applicable).


Students who are pursuing a career in ABA may earn academic credit for the semester in which the initial training and subsequent supervised client contact hours are completed. The ABA internship has its own application process. Interested students should contact Miriam Newmark, Maryland Clinical Director of Attentive Behavior Care, Inc., at 410-424-7000 ext. 131 or at to apply for a position. Once hired, students should then contact the Internship Program Coordinator.


The deadline to submit an application for the Fall 2020 Semester is August 26th and for the Spring 2021 Semester is January 17th. Late applications will be accepted only if there are open slots. Upon acceptance/approval, the student must then register for the 1-2- or 3-credit Internship course. Please make sure to speak with your advisor, prior to applying. Completed application forms are sent directly to the Internship Coordinator. For any questions related to the program or for pre-approval questions, please contact

Student Teaching

Student teaching is a requirement of the Jewish education major and education minor. Students should register for this course during the spring semester of the their senior year. Students registering for the course must fill out the Student Teaching Application, which will assist staff in placing you. This course is only open to Jewish education majors, education minors or students who have fulfilled the prerequisite education coursework.

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Clinical Observation Application

Internship Application

Student Teaching Application

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