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In November, WITS hosted its annual Career Day, attracting over 115 participants. This event serves as a dynamic platform for our students to explore various career options, helping them to make informed decisions about their future careers. To reinforce the importance of maintaining one's identity as a frum woman while achieving success in the professional world, attendees were treated to a motivational video presentation about Rivka Ravitz. Rivitz, who was the Chief of Staff for former Israeli president Reuven Rivlin, exemplifies how a frum woman can make a significant impact while staying true to her values in the broader world.

The event featured breakout rooms where students engaged in panel discussions across different fields. These panels were comprised of 46 distinguished professionals, including several WITS alumnae, providing insights and advice from their respective areas of expertise. The Career Day concluded with a networking session, allowing for personal interactions between students and panelists, facilitating connections and potential mentorship opportunities.

Career Day was generously sponsored by the Schorr Family/Lev Bracha Philanthropic Fund, “In honor of the women who filter their career choices through a Torah lens.”


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