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New Pre-Med and Engineering Programs with Stevenson University

WITS is partnering with Stevenson University to offer two new educational options for our students: pre-med and biomedical engineering. These programs will launch in the Fall 2022 semester.

Students will combine WITS courses with Stevenson courses and graduate with degrees from both institutions. The new programs are in response to demand from students and increased STEM education in frum girls' high schools. More and more frum women are interested in STEM careers and want to pursue those studies in a frum-friendly environment.

Students will get a special tuition rate for the courses at Stevenson and receive accommodations for courses scheduled on yomim tovim. Students in the pre-med track will receive all the benefits of the pre-med program at Stevenson, including pre-med advisement and internship placements. This initiative is similar to the joint pre-med program that already exists between Stevenson and Ner Israel. WITS is excited to offer this new opportunity to our students. For more information, contact Mrs. Lapidus (


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