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Pre-Pesach Alumnae Shiur

On Sunday March 12th, close to 50 alums came together for an inspiring pre-Pesach shiur given by Rabbi Dovid Heber, Shlita titled "A Woman's Role at the Seder". All attendees were entered into a raffle for the chance to win a wonderful Pesach gift basket. Congratulations to Batya Pearlman, the lucky winner! The primary goal of the WITS Alumnae Association is to continue providing chizuk and connection to our alumnae long after they graduate. As our mantra at WITS goes, we believe in “Educating Women for Life.” Thank you to Rabbi Heber and all of our dedicated Rabbanim and Mechanchos who are constantly there for our alumnae.

Visit our ALUMNAE PODCAST to listen to the shiur!


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