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Purim Chagigah run by the Student Council

This Adar, the Student Council put together a smashing Purim chagigah! The chagigah began with smoothies and a student-organized game of Family Feud with answers curated from a student survey. After the game, students enjoyed a delicious sit-down brunch and a beautiful Dvar Torah shared by student Sarala Tarshish. After some leibidik singing and dancing, students participated in a fun glass etching activity. Thank you to Mrs. Heideman and the dedicated Student Council members* for organizing this beautiful and festive event.


Meira Kadden, Esti Kaplowitz, Bracha Yehudis Krasner, Emily Kuhr, Chaya Nelkin, Elisheva Schwartz, Rina Silver, Elisheva Steiner, Adina Wolf, Elki Zahler


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