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Student Orientation and Start of Fall Semester

WITS recently welcomed over 60 new students to a vibrant New Student Orientation on September 5th. The event featured a heartfelt speech by WITS alumna, Temima Goldman, who shared her transformative WITS experience with the incoming students. A delicious breakfast buffet fostered a sense of community, followed by an inspiring message from Mrs. Rabenstein.

Rebbetzin Rosenbaum and Dr. Klein introduced students to the staff, school policies, and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities. Breakout sessions focused on technology and safety, ensuring students were well-prepared. The day wrapped up with local organizations presenting volunteer opportunities, emphasizing WITS' commitment to chesed and our Baltimore community.

In just one day, the orientation instilled chizuk, connection, and knowledge, setting the stage for new students to embark on their exciting journey at WITS.TART OF FALL SEMESTER


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